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Vision Shaping Treatment (Orthokeratology)

Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) in Ashburn, VA   

The retainers are comfortable, easy to care for, and offer relief from the problems sometimes associated with full time contact lens wear like dryness and things getting on or under the lenses.

- Does VST have any advantages over Laser Surgery?

Yes! VST is about half the cost of laser vision correction. Also, the hazy post-operative vision and nighttime glare that can be associated with laser surgery does not occur with VST. Perhaps the most important attributes of VST are that it is non-invasive and reversible (unlike laser surgery).

- Is everyone a candidate for VST and can any doctor perform it?

Unfortunately, no. It will not work as well for higher levels of myopia (above -5.00) and needs to be done in a very exact and meticulous manner. Dr. Park and Dr. Kao have received special training and have the necessary diagnostic equipment to perform VST.

There are no age barriers for VST. It is safe for children and adults and may prevent further nearsightedness from increasing!

- What does VST involve?

First, a comprehensive vision / eye health exam is performed. Then, a computerized map of your corneal topography is obtained to design your retainer lenses.

When you pick up your retainers, you will be trained on how to use and care for them. The maintenance is very easy. After we check how the lenses fit, you can wear them home. The next morning, you should come to the office wearing your retainers. We will remove them for you and check your vision.

Most of the clarity changes occur rapidly over the first few days. If any change in the design of the retainers is needed we will reorder new lenses for you (at no charge). For most patients, only one pair of retainers is needed.

Even after you are seeing well we will continue to monitor your eyes to ensure your cornea is adapting well to the retainers. Most patients are done with their initial fitting in three months, but due to factors like original prescription and corneal flexibility the speed of VST varies from patient to patient.

When treatment is complete, the retainer lenses are worn nightly to maintain daytime clarity.

- What are the disadvantages of VST?

Patients must allow for 3 - 5 office visits during the first two months of the program. Also, should you stop wearing your retainers, your vision will slowly return to its original state. While the success of VST is very high nationally, it cannot be guaranteed. Although it is rare that a good candidate does not do well with VST, the rate and degree of change may vary from one person to the next.

- What does Vision Shaping Treatment include?

The total program fee includes a comprehensive vision / eye health exam, a dilated fundus exam, topography, retainer lens design and fitting, lens insertion, removal, and care instruction; and all of the professional visits and retainer lenses needed to achieve optimal vision.


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