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Ortho-K Treatment
and Your Child

Find Out if Ortho-K is Right for Your Child

1) Ortho-K corrects nearsightedness while your child sleeps.
2) Ortho-K has been shown to slow the progress of nearsightedness.
3) Your child will not need glasses or contacts during the day.

Ortho-K Treatment

Ortho-K involves specially designed lenses that are worn at night while your child sleeps.

During the night, these lenses actually reshape your cornea and your child wakes up to clear vision which lasts throughout the day without having to use glasses or contacts.

The opticians are friendly!

I like the doctors, they definitely know what they are doing and are very kind!
-Rachel W.- Apr. 2017

stars 5 rounded

Dr. Kao and his entire staff were wonderful!

Dr. Kao and his entire staff were wonderful with my daughter (3rd grade)!
-Colleen M.- Oct. 2016

stars 5 rounded

young family happy with ortho-k lenses
Ortho-K is for Kids as Young as 7!

Your child simply wears the specially fitted lenses while he or she sleep. These lenses reshape the cornea during the night, and in the morning your child will see with corrected vision without the aid of glasses or contacts. Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to see if we can help!

Young girl playing on swing advertising VST (Ortho-K) in Ashburn, VA
Ortho-K is Great for Active Kids!

Active kids that wear glasses or contacts often run into difficulty while swimming or playing sports. Active lifestyles can force them to wear bulky protective goggles or results in broken frames. By using Ortho-K treatment your child will not have to wear glasses or contacts during the day.

brown eyed child wearing ortho-k contacts in Ashburn, VA
Ortho-K Corrects Poor Vision!

Ortho-K treatment has shown remarkable results in correcting nearsightedness in children. Not only will your child be able to go about their day without needing glasses or contacts, studies have shown that Ortho-K actually prevents further deterioration of your child’s eye site.

No More Need for Daytime Glasses and Contact Lenses!

eye surgery image with close up of hazel eyes
No Need for Surgery

If your are concerned about the risk or cost of refractive surgery, or have been told that your child is not a candidate for LASIK, it is worth making an appointment for a Ortho-K consultation today.

School girl glum due to dry eyes
End Dry Eye Suffering

If your child is already wearing contacts and complains that they become uncomfortable by the end of the day, Ortho-K may be the right choice for your child.

excited asian boy wearing glasses
Say Goodbye to Glasses

Lets face it. Kids are kids, and lost or damaged glasses comes with the territory of being a kid. The only way to truly avoid broken glasses is to free your child from needing to wear them in the first place.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is an innovative, non-surgical way to free your child from the shackles of day-time glasses and contacts. Ortho-K not only corrects your child’s vision, but also prevents his/her vision from getting worse. He/she will be able to play sports, swim, and see the board without the hassle of glasses and contacts. Doctors Kao and Park of Loudon Eye Associates are experts at fitting your child for Ortho-K lenses. Be in touch today to see if your child is a candidate.

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