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After closely following the recommendations of the CDC, the American Optometric Association, and Governor Ralph Northam,
we have decided to reopen to see routine eye examinations again starting Monday, May 18th!
For more info on our reopening protocols and procedures please click here.

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How do I find an eye doctor near me in Ashburn, VA?

How do I find an eye doctor near meChoosing any kind of health care provider is a big step. Even if you do not have specific health issues, it is still important to make sure your family is connected with local medical professionals that monitor your good health.

You have two eyes, and they have to last a lifetime.

Doctors Park and Kao at Loudoun Eye Associates in Ashburn VA don’t just see your eyes, they see your eyes as part of your overall health and well being.

Good eye health begins with a yearly comprehensive eye exam. The comprehensive eye exam at Loudoun Eye Associates begins with a thorough patient history and background. This information will alert Doctor Park or Doctor Kao to any conditions that should be monitored closely, such as an allergy to any medications, current or family history of systemic or eye pathology or environmental conditions that could be affecting your vision or eye health.